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Aamir Basrai, Entreprenuer & Co-founder Simply Keto

Aamir managed to loose 32 KG’s in 8 months and the journey is still on.

“Being an Avid fisherman and an outdoor person, being over weight was difficult! I started the ketogenic lifestyle about 8 months ago and I have vouched not to go back to any other way of eating again. With so many choices of food varieties to choose from while successfully shedding fat instead of muscle, there is no other diet that has given me such consistent results and more importantly a “Much healthier Lifestyle!”. Keto is all about understanding how it works and focusing on inch loss over weight loss… One has to be patient and has to believe in the process as keto cannot go wrong.”

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Ahmar Hassan, Co-founder Simply Keto

Ahmar Hassan, an entrepreneur

Managed to lose 36 kg in 6 months after adapting the ketogenic lifestyle.

“I’ve tried to lose weight as far back as I can remember, going on and off fad diets and going to the gym and eventually giving up. Getting introduced to the Keto lifestyle is one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. I feel much more energetic and lively while keeping my body in a ketogenic state. The different types of food I get to eat are amazing. If I can manage to drop this much weight anyone can do it, and the best part is you’re losing fat and not muscle. Once you understand the concept behind following a ketogenic lifestyle it gets really simple, you can make your food as fun or simple as you want.”


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Rameez Khan, a confident version of himself

Rameez Khan, a Marketing Professional that leaves a lasting impression

Rameez started following the ketogenic diet at a 100 kg and in 2 and a half months he lost 20 kg and went from wearing a size XXL shirt to L and managed to lose 4 inches of his waist.

When it comes to Keto here are Rameez’s 2 cents “I love the ketogenic diet, it’s more like a lifestyle for me now! I enjoy everyday as I feel more energized now. My approach to keto was pretty simple, sticking to the basics and nothing fancy.”