The Red Basket Erythritol Icing Dust

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Baking the Banting way needn’t mean you can’t have those delightful details that finish off your sweet treats to perfection. The Red Basket Food Co 100% Erythritol Icing Dust is a superfine erythritol that has the same soft cloudy texture you love in icing sugar, so you can make icings and ganaches and sprinkle your dainties to your hearts content. The Red Basket 100% erythritoldust replaces sugar spoon for spoon and will soon be something you don’t want to bake without!

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  • Erythritol is on the green list for the Banting diet
  • Bake the way you love with an icing sugar replacement that mimics the texture of real icing sugar and is as sweet
  • Whip up delish icings and ganaches and sprinkle icing sugar garnishes on your gourmet delicacies such as pancakes#

Please note – This product was previously made with xylitol, but has been changed to erythritol.


Erythritol, fibre


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