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Rameez Khan, a confident version of himself

Rameez Khan, a Marketing Professional that leaves a lasting impression

Rameez started following the ketogenic diet at a 100 kg and in 2 and a half months he lost 20 kg and went from wearing a size XXL shirt to L and managed to lose 4 inches of his waist.

When it comes to Keto here are Rameez’s 2 cents “I love the ketogenic diet, it’s more like a lifestyle for me now! I enjoy everyday as I feel more energized now. My approach to keto was pretty simple, sticking to the basics and nothing fancy.”


2 thoughts on “Rameez Khan, a confident version of himself

  1. Salam all,

    I am very much impress to heared the stories of all , however, my concern is that how much amount will be required to adopt for this life style. Especially food which I need to follow or purchase it is too costly in your website as the middle class family difficult to adopt.
    Can you give any alternative , also r u making proper diet plan. What are consulting charges ?

    Moreover, let me tell know if a person who have thyroid patient so will helpful?

    kindly reply .

  2. Hi, I’m looking for a dietitian to start Keto. I came across your website and these success stories. Could you please share which clinic or which dietician they saw so I could start this lifestyle. Thanks

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